Funny GirlI love Grandpa’s vegetable soup, Mommy, but do you know the one thing I DON’T like about it?

Me The tomatoes?

FGYou mean there are TOMATOES in this soup?


FGWell do you know the OTHER thing I don’t like?

MeThe celery?

FGThere’s CELERY in it, too?!?!


FG Well I was talking about the ONIONS.  I don’t like the ONIONS.

This is probably not the best time to tell her that the “ONIONS” are really CABBAGE.

Mr. Doug

For dinner this evening, the special was Chicken a la Susan, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and whole grain bread served warm with interesting conversation on the side.

Funny GirlWhat would you feed a horse, Mommy?  An apple or a carrot?

MeHmmm…I suppose I’d give a horse an apple.

FGGood choice, Mommy.  Let’s save the carrots for Daddy.

MeAre you calling Daddy a horse?

FG:  (*laughing*)  Noooo, Mommy!  But he can EAT like a horse!

Yes he can, Funny Girl.  Yes, he can.  ;-)

The Orb

When Golden Boy came down for breakfast this morning, I noticed that he appeared to be a little introspective. And since I’ve never been one to leave an introspective person alone, I had to ask:

Me:   What’s on your mind, oh Golden One?

Golden BoyI had the strangest dream last night…it was weird…I thought it was happening in real life!

MeReally?  What was it about?

GBWell, I was sitting in our back yard when all of a sudden a glowing, yellow orb started bouncing towards me.  Then Funny Girl was running towards me yelling, “RUN, GOLDEN BOY, RUN!  IT’S POLLEN!”

Me:  (*rolling on the floor laughing*)  You’re right!  That is strange!

GB:  I know.  Creepy.

Bless his heart…I wonder if this is one of the side effects of Claritin?

Charlotte’s Web

I spied this beauty late last night as I came downstairs for a midnight snack:


She’s “beautiful” as long as she stays OUTSIDE!  ;-)

Ready, Are You?

This morning, Golden Boy was a little slow in coming down for school:

Me:  (*in a sweet sing-songy voice*)  It’s time for school, my sweet, precious son!

Golden BoyYou sound WAY too nice when you talk like that.

MeOkay, then…IT’S TIME TO GET TO WORK!!!

GB Okay, now that was just way too mean.

Me:  (*in Yoda voice*)  Time for school, it is.

GBYou mean, “Time for school, it is, my young Padawan.”

Hey…whatever works.  :-\

Funny Girl Smiles

It was a close call, but Funny Girl is all smiles again ;-)



Quick!  Somebody has rained on Funny Girl’s parade!


This is NOT a drill!


We are in the event of an ACTUAL emergency!


Can anyone save this girl from the pits of despair?


Time to bring out the big guns…

…if I don’t act fast, Funny Girl may never smile again…


Oh no!  If the juice box doesn’t work…there may be no hope!

Will Funny Girl ever be funny again?


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